We equip churches to transform their communities – through community organising, theological reflection and prayer. We also help them to use their resources more effectively for this mission.

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Church Growth:

Report tackles the big issue

Our research on church growth is now available. It contains interviews with east London churches and a response from the Bishop of Chelmsford.



A Christian vision of change

As we journey towards Easter, read this Lenten reflection by Fr Simon Cuff on the way Christians involved in organising understand change.

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Church buildings:

From Burdens To Assets

Our latest research report Assets Not Burdens looks at the missional and financial benefits churches could be gaining from their buildings.

About us

The Centre for Theology & Community is based in the heart of east London. We grew out of local churches in membership of Citizens UK – the national home of community organising.

We work with a growing range of churches – including long-established congregations as well as new church plants. Our partner churches are from various denominations and styles. We believe churches in deprived and diverse areas have a vital role to play in the transformation of their communities and of wider society.

We equip churches through the practices of community organising, theological reflection and prayer. We also help them to use their resources more effectively for their mission. We undertake research to support their mission and share the lessons through publications, training and consultancy.

Our News

Marching towards Justice – our report on organising and the Salvation Army – is now available in Spanish! Read more here.

– Our latest news update explores community organising and congregation growth, and has the latest on plans for an ethical cleaning company. Read it here.

– Download our latest research report for for free! It shows how churches could be making better use of their buildings for mission. Get it here.

– See our latest comment pieces from mainstream and Christian media at our Comment page here. Our blog carries more of our own news here.

– The CTC Community has been launched. You are invited to join us in our mission to resource local churches! Find out more here.


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